Packaging Engineering

New Product Launches

The best way to integrate packaging into the design of your new product is to start upfront.  Being included at the beginning can save costly headaches later as you near the launch of your product.  Understanding machinery and supplier limitations, distribution and testing requirements, and getting cost estimates early can make or break (literally) a product in the long run.

Continuous Improvement

Reducing the cost and/or increasing the performance of a packaging system is always a worthwhile exercise.  If you are spending too much on packaging, looking into alternate materials and processes can help to reduce the burden quickly and effectively.  Product damage is also problem that needs to be addressed, and can often be done from a variety of angles.  Understanding your distribution environment can be the first step in identifying opportunities for improved product protection.


Most people these days understand the importance of reducing our impact on the environment, and one easy way for manufactures to do this is to make their packaging “greener”.  This can be approached from a number of ways, material replacements, weight reductions, returnable packaging, and even performing life cycle analysis (LCA).  Using these tools can drastically reduce your company’s packaging impacts.