Capital Project Management

Protecting Your Interests

DISHER serves as a trusted extension of our customer’s staff throughout the life of a capital project. Our dedicated teams apply their creative engineering and technical project management skills to deliver a range of tailored solutions. We become the owner’s representative on everything from initial quoting to final implementation— whether it’s construction management, shutdown management, or general project administration.

DISHER fully integrates into our client’s system and provides the necessary help for companies who may not have the internal resources available. DISHER Capital Project Management Solutions (CPMS) free up owners so they can confidently focus on other aspects of their operation. Customers trust our integrity, expertise, and ability to get the job done right.

Types & Sizes of Projects

DISHER is equipped to manage a variety of projects from large facility layouts to small feasibility studies. Some projects execute in as little as 60 days while others take several years. DISHER’s forte is in the food-manufacturing sector but our capabilities transcend a variety of industries including automotive, office furniture, alternative energy, consumer products, and medical devices. Our team has managed projects with outstanding results in the areas of facilities, process, and packaging. A few examples include: prepared, frozen, and dry food packaging; liquid and beverage filling; fruit and vegetable processing; and ice cream and dairy manufacturing.

DISHER leads and supports cross-functional teams to boost unity, collaboration, and communication. Customers appreciate our expertise in improving productivity, reliability, and infrastructure.

DISHER Capital Project Management Services

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by completing projects on time and within budget while integrating best practices and consistent communication. DISHER can customize a solution for your next capital project need, whether large or small, and drive it towards successful completion. Together, let’s make a positive difference.


    • Project Scope Management
    • Financial/Budget Management
    • Communications Management
    • Distribution of Work
    • Project Timeline Management
    • Document Control
    • Progress Reporting
    • Pre-Bid Quotes & Estimates
    • Vendor & Bid Assessment
    • Bid Package Analysis
    • Engineering Design Services
    • Quality Management
    • Code/Regulatory Requirements
    • Maintenance Impact
    • Quality Management
    • ROI Reporting
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Project Integration Management
    • Project Time Management
    • Safety Management
    • Quality Control Management
    • Progress Reporting
    • Transition Plans
    • Final Project Reporting
    • Asset Allocation & Management