Continuous Improvement

Once a product is in production there are many opportunities for improvement and waste reduction. This can take the form of targeted improvement initiatives, such as Kaizen events and Six Sigma Black Belt projects or longer term cultural change efforts through the adoption of Lean Manufacturing such as the introduction of a robust PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) process on the shop floor through Visual Management and Leader Standard Work. Since many of today’s products have a high value content of purchased components, supplier integration into these efforts is essential.

Continuous Improvement Services

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is about engaging the workforce into team problem solving that relentlessly reduces waste.  Our experts help our customers in a variety of ways: from 5S audits, process mapping, to training your team members to think and identify opportunities on their own through problem solving.  Our goal in lean manufacturing is to guide your team through a sustainable lean implementation process.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma tools are an extremely useful instruments in addressing vexing technical issues.  These tools are used to accurately identify the root cause of an issue and assist in recognizing an appropriate solution.  We have several Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts on our team.

Supplier Integration

Why just perform these quality and process improvements within your own walls?  Many products today are made up of significant outside supplier content.  Helping to cascade these efforts to your suppliers can have a positive impact on your operation and your products.

Featured Case Study

Office Panel Process

The objective of this case study was to identify new processes that will reduce costs by 10% for frames and fabric tiles. See how this problem was solved.

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