Process Development

Process Design and Development and Product Design and Development should occur concurrently to ensure that the end product satisfies the customer.  This simultaneous engineering effort allows both Product Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers to incorporate Design for Manufacturability and Assembly practices into the new product and processes. DISHER’s breadth of engineering and industry experience allows us to holistically address new product launches through: Industrial Engineering (plant layouts and time standards), Ergonomic and Human Factors Engineering, Packaging Engineering, as well as Supplier Selection and Development.

Process Development Services

Industrial Engineering

From measuring cycle times, to setting up the layout of your new expansion, our team has the industrial engineering experience you need.  Taking a holistic approach to plant layouts can have a positive effect on workflow and add efficiency to your operations.  Time studies and takt time analysis are foundational building blocks for an effective operation.

Design for Manufacturability

DFM is an important activity that should be included in every new product development project.  By considering manufacturing during the design of the project, many problems can be avoided that have caused problems during launch and production.  Some of the design considerations can include material selection, process capabilities, cycle time, floor space, and ergonomics.  By taking the time up front to work through these areas, you can help to reduce costly mistakes and delays.

Packaging Engineering

Packaging engineers are responsible for product integrity from the point of manufacture to the customer purchase and sometimes through the entire product life cycle. This is accomplished through and understanding of several important factors:

  • Product fragility
  • Distribution environment
  • Manufacturing process
  • Customer needs

Featured Case Study

Office Panel Packaging

The objective of this case study was to investigate cost-saving packaging ideas without compromising function. See how this problem was solved.

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