Production Readiness

Even when the upfront design is flawless and detailed plans are developed, it doesn’t mean much if it the launch is not executed successfully. Production readiness includes preparing the facility through Capital Project Management (facility renovation, expansion, and construction), Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (equipment development and launch), Project Management, Advanced Quality Engineering (using APQP), Machine Design, and Tool, Fixture, and Gage Design. DISHER has the breadth of resources to address all of these.

Production Readiness Services

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

On a recent project, DISHER was embedded into a product development team early on in the product design phase at a local furniture manufacturer. This allowed us to participate in and give advice on the design for manufacturing aspects of the new product for this customer.  Once the product design was completed, DISHER then assumed both manufacturing engineering and project management roles for tooling up the equipment and launching the manufacturing process at the plant.

Quality Engineering

In addition to the product design, the product quality is heavily dependent on processes quality and the quality of incoming supplied components.  PPAP, SPC, MSA, QFD… these may seem like a bunch of letters; however, to our quality engineers they are tools to ensure that your products and processes meet your customers’ expectations.

Capital Project Management

Managing the implementation of large scale capital projects is a difficult task at any organization.  Coordination between multiple stakeholders, contractors and municipalities ensures that your project goes per plan and on budget.  Last year the DISHER capital project managers implemented over $10,000,000 worth of new equipment and facility upgrades.

Featured Case Study

Office Panel Product

The objective of this case study was to identify new materials or applications for frames and fabric tiles in order to reduce product costs. See how this problem was solved.

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