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We design custom solutions to help organizations from a variety of industries achieve positive outcomes.

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DISHER has been ranked 4th Best Consulting & Professional Services Workplace in USA By FORTUNE & Great Place to Work


Making a Positive Difference® with our customers, coworkers, and community is our unifying purpose. It motivates how we work, live, and lead each day. Leaving this world a better place is important to us.

We value DISHER’s tailored approach, prompt communication, and attention to detail in keeping our projects moving forward on time and within budget.

Engineering Manager - World-Leading Food Processor

We were grateful to DISHER for not only having their meeting in our new spaces, but for canvassing the GENEVA grounds with their team to complete a number of needed projects to help us get ready for summer camp.

Kevin VanderKlok - Executive Director - Geneva Camp & Retreat Center

DISHER has completed dozens of projects, supported numerous production teams, resolved countless internal and external quality issues, and left each area and each team better than it was when DISHER initially became involved.

Steve Gorno - Plant Quality Manager - Johnson Controls

Our award-winning work spans a variety of industries and disciplines. We deliver creative solutions to help organizations of all sizes achieve higher performance, productivity, and profits.

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DISHER is nationally recognized by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work as the 5th Best Workplace in the USA

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