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We call Michigan home, but we work all around the world. If you’re interested in joining our team of talented engineers and professionals, take a look at our current openings and apply today.

Current Openings

We’re happy you’re interested in working with us. Click DISHER Open Positions to apply for jobs at DISHER. Partner Positions are positions we have posted on behalf of a client. Click Partner Positions to see those open roles.

Engineer your career at DISHER

It’s engineering that makes a difference.

We’re expanding at DISHER. In fact, we’re busting at the seams. We are looking for talented and passionate professionals who care about the work they do. We are looking to fill a wide variety of engineering, design and other product development roles.

Do work that matters

We believe that our company and the work we do should be meaningful and have a lasting impact. That is why the mission on our wall, “Make a Positive Difference,” pervades everything we do and motivates us every day.

Join the 5th Best Small Company

DISHER was named by Great Place to Work® as the 5th best small workplace in the United States. We know that our team is what makes our culture what it is. We are humbled that 100% of employees at DISHER say our workplace is great.

Share in the profit pie

At DISHER, we are all owners in our ESOP. We get to decide how to divide our “Profit Pie,” with certain slices going toward bonuses, profit sharing, stewardship, training, and investment back into the company.

Play Hard, Work Harder

Everyone on our team is issued a personal nerf gun during orientation and every Friday we gather for a company lunch. While we make time for play, we are also passionate about our work and go the extra mile to make sure our clients receive great results.

DISHER is an amazing place to have your internship! The project variability, culture, coworkers, and environment are like no other. I truly appreciated the diversified skill sets the electronics team possesses. There are engineers skilled in system design, hardware design, IoT development, software and firmware, prototyping, controls and much more. I learned a lot and I am really looking forward to my upcoming semesters here at DISHER!

Katie Wezeman - Electronics Intern

Working as a project engineering intern at DISHER was an eye-opening experience. From the variety of work to finding my sweet spot, the community at DISHER was very helpful in me completing my goals. The exceptional culture the company and its employees bring allow for a fantastic work environment that promotes a positive difference. There is no such thing as a boring day of work at DISHER!

Grant Cole - Engineering Intern

As a marketing and graphic design intern I loved being able to work with the incredibly passionate and talented people at DISHER. My internship allowed me to grow and experience a side of marketing and design in ways I never would have expected. The culture at DISHER fostered a positive environment where I was able to pursue a wide variety of learning opportunities that allowed me to grow and advance in my career.

Hannah Dozeman - Marketing Intern, now Full Time Hire

My intern experience at DISHER was full of diverse work experiences, challenging opportunities for growth, and day-to-day soft skills development. I felt like I was making a positive difference while working on real customer projects, as well as internal DISHER projects. I learned what it meant to work in the engineering service industry and how to interact with both customers and co-workers on a professional level.

Heidi Gilder - Engineering Intern

I am thankful to be able to grow and learn as a young professional from people who are dedicated to making a positive difference.

Alexa Perna - Talent Acquisition Intern

“With the Talent Engineer that recruited me, there was a great connection and a great relationship. I consider them a good friend even today.”

Candidate Testimonial

“DISHER’s Talent Engineer made me feel like I was the only person in the world that could do this job.”

Candidate Testimonial

DISHER brought great talent to the table for both roles we needed to fill– better candidates than we were getting on our own. The process went well, smoothly, and quickly. We liked the approach and wouldn’t hesitate to use DISHER again the next time we need support staff positions filled.

Paul Cole, President - Beverlin

I had an amazing experience working at DISHER as a Grand Valley State University Co-op student. The industry diversity of DISHER gave me a unique opportunity to witness a variety of engineering roles and find one in my sweet spot. Not only that, but DISHER has a top-notch culture that is fun to be around.

Zach Neville - Engineering Intern, now Full Time Hire

The best part of my DISHER internship was getting to collaborate with amazing coworkers to create original products that will have lasting impacts in the world. From the whiteboard design workshops and prototyping to the nerf battles, I loved every aspect of my internship at DISHER!

Matthew Boelens - Product Development Intern, now Full Time Hire

What an amazing summer I had at Disher Design. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first came in, but the skills and the experiences I learned/were exposed to were truly inspiring. I am sad to leave but feel blessed that I had such a unique opportunity. Thanks Disher!

Kiernan McKay - Industrial Design Intern

I am always challenged and thankful to be able to have access to training, stewardship opportunities, and a wide variety of projects and focuses. The flexibility and work-life balance also makes my whole family thankful I work with a company who values the whole individual, not just their technical skills.

Joe Dyer - Team Lead - Manufacturing Tech Services

I love DISHER because we are so focused on Making a Positive Difference. From the way we interact with our customers to the hours we dedicate to nonprofit organizations around the world, we are living our mission every day.

Casandra Bouwhuis - Manufacturing & Quality Engineer

I've worked for many big name companies and they are all alike. Those companies care more about the stockholders than their own people. DISHER is the opposite of that. The people are the most important part of the company and they treat each other like family.

Chuck Beasley - Product Development Engineer

I can't wait to get here everyday because I like being a part of something bigger than myself. As a service organization, we are 'all in' together and we provide the best possible service with a heart!

Aimee VandenElzen - Team Lead – Product Development | Program Management

I could not think of an instance during the past year when any of my colleagues were disgruntled, depressed, or irritable. There had been no complaining, gossiping, or squabbling among any of them. I can say that I have not happened upon a happier people, among any company, in this field of discipline. They are among the most honest, giving, helpful, and humble people I have ever associated with. I am proud to be a part of this team, the culture, and the mission that we are engaged in. Working at DISHER makes me a better person.

Chad Barnes - Team Lead - Product Development