Making a Positive Difference Together: Mike Harris, Worksighted

 As we celebrate our 20th year in business, we also celebrate everyone who has been a part of the journey to where we are today. Mike Harris, Worksighted CEO and Co-Founder, shares the story of our partnership and what it was like to "grow-up" together in our community over the past 20 years. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Mike Harris: My name is... Read More

Whats the Plan?!

High-performing companies build a strategic framework for their team to follow. Strategic vision maps provide unity, clear direction, and help teams make confident decisions.... Read More

I WISH I WORKED FOR YOUR COMPANY!: Blessed with Rejuvenation

I wish I worked for your company!  I heard this phrase over and over again when I would tell people that we were in Europe because I had earned a four week Sabbatical from my employer.  Many were incredulous that any employer would give that amount time off without many stipulations on what to do with it. But that's... Read More

Trends of NeoCon 2019: Things we FELT you should know

We scoured the 8 floors of NeoCon Showrooms at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL in less than 8 hours. If you don’t know much about the Mart (as it’s called by the pros), it opened in 1930 and was once the largest building in the world. 4 million square feet of floor space. You read that right.... Read More