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Facing fierce competition, tight timelines, or labor gaps? Our advanced technical talent can help with any and every step of the product development process, from research and ideation to prototyping and testing.

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DISHER employs a human-centered research approach. We work to gain an empathetic understanding of the user.

Too often customers want to skip this step, but it lays the foundation for gaining knowledge around user desirability and commercial viability for a product.

After research is collected, DISHER customers receive synthesized, organized deliverables which are often visualized for confident decision making.

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Product Ideation

Collaborative ideation is a crucial step to new product development. Customers choose DISHER to help unify teams around a clear direction. Clearly defining the key problem(s) that need to be solved is the first challenge. Then we assemble a diverse team with our customers. We include stakeholders from various cross-functional areas, backgrounds, and experiences. Having the right team mix enables valuable ideation input from perspectives inside and outside of an organization. DISHER brings facilitation expertise and a variety of skillsets to this process.

We break brainstorming down into two main phases. During the first stage, the purpose is to generate as many ideas as possible without constraint. In the second stage, ideas are discussed, synthesized, expanded-upon, and vetted until the top ideas emerge.

Product Potential

DISHER helps customers balance the three-legged stool of desirability, feasibility, and viability for new product success. By considering all three areas early on, we can better manage resources, avoid roadblocks and setbacks, and create a valuable product to make this world a better place.

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Industrial Design and Concept Engineering

Designers and concept engineers help customers create new products, services, and systems by developing and researching the best form (aesthetics), function (utility), and value (financial worth) of a product.

Research, user studies, and ideation are all used to create optimal solutions.

We use sketching, rendering, modeling, and conceptual engineering to help visualize aspects of the design. During the design process, we employ the principles of design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) and Value Analysis (VA) to reduce costs and issues down the road.

Prototyping and Testing

DISHER can support you with strategic design, prototyping, and testing to bring your ideas to life and help you reach your business goals.

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Product Innovation and Strategy

Whether you are a large Fortune 500 company or a small manufacturer, we can help accelerate your next innovation.

Our process starts with a firm grasp of what your customers need and the problems they are trying to solve. Once the problem statement(s) are clearly defined, DISHER invites you and your team to experience a one to three-day Innovation Workshop.

DISHER Innovation Workshops provide a proven framework to create and vet the best ideas with certified facilitators, subject matter experts, and creative leads. We keep innovation teams, ideas, and decisions moving forward.


“DISHER’s talented team helped us synthesize what we learned in research, brainstorm possible solutions, and ultimately execute on developing the right product solution for our customers.”

Joel VanWyk | Director of New Market Development | Herman Miller

Build Your Product Development Team with DISHER

Kick-start innovation by contracting top product development engineers—we will connect you with the right talent you need to move your projects forward.


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Product Design Consulting & Contracting

Contract the specific skills or product development consulting expertise you need from DISHER for as long as you need them. DISHER will hand-select the best people (with the right experience, skillsets, and industry knowledge) to augment your team.

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Quick-Deploy Product Development Teams

Contract an entire cross-functional team to manage and execute your project. DISHER brings diverse, world-class expertise with a broad spectrum of education and industry experience to develop remarkable outcomes.

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Directly Hire Product Designers, Developers, & Engineers Today

DISHER Talent Solutions can assist your HR team with wisdom and speed. We get to know you, your culture, and your product development team. Then we go to work attracting, vetting, and hiring the best candidates possible for the long-term.

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