We design solutions to help our clients develop their products, people and processes. Our clients represent a wide variety of industries and we offer a wide variety of solutions depending on their needs. These solutions range from front end discovery, to engineering, to product launch.

Bring Your Ideas To Life

With a unique blend of industrial design, conceptual engineering and product marketing, we incorporate an Advanced Development Process that begins even before the napkin sketch and brings a product towards launch. Throughout Discovery we develop a wide variety of visual communication to envision the product’s possibilities and market impact while also informing the engineering and production process.

Endless Engineering Solutions

Our Engineering and Design team utilizes the latest engineering practices and technology to ensure the functionality, durability and reliability so that a product not only looks good but works well – time after time after time. Their focus is to engineer robust products that are aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, able to be manufactured and profitable.

Electronics Engineering

The DISHER Electronics team has deep, cross-functional expertise to develop entire electronics systems for our customers whether simple or complex. Our in-house capabilities reduce lead times, lower costs, and produce reliable results with consistent oversight and communication.

Lean Solutions, Heavy Impact

We determine the best way to make and move a product into the market. Throughout this process we develop the optimal combination of man power, materials, measurements, methods, and machines. We focus on all aspects of operations including supply chain management, warehousing, distribution, as well as the manufacturing and plant layout.

Building the Right Team for You

Relationships are at the center of everything we do. We partner with our customers and become an extension of their team because we take their success seriously. We know that fit is everything when it comes to a long lasting relationship, and we can help you form a talent brand that helps you not only attract top talent but retain it.

Propel Your Organization Forward

Our Business Solutions helps to create a playbook of industry best practices for an organizations to improve its planning, processes, people and profitability. We support both service and manufacturing organizations with their growth strategies, business process management, leadership coaching and technical training. We have specialists ready to work side-by-side any leadership team to access the situation, apply solutions and accelerate a team’s performance.

Proactive Innovation

For anyone who has a new product idea, is stuck with a problem, or just needs a fresh start, DISHER offers a free ideation session that we call White Board Wednesday®. These sessions are full of action and energy. Our certified facilitators use a proven process to ensure there is maximum ideation and output. Bringing in the designers and engineers who have the most experience in the industry or problem that you are facing, we strive to select the best of our team to join in on the session.

Culture is Everything

DISHER is passionate about Making a Positive Difference®. In fact, it’s the reason we exist. We’d love to live out our mission with you by sharing ideas on how to build a culture with intentionality. We offer complimentary 1.5-hour tour that focuses on the Why, Way, What, and Who of culture and how that drives financial performance.