An integrated leader-development experience with study, practice, and coaching to produce real growth.

LEAD365 SELECT™ is a leader-development opportunity to help individuals become leaders worth following. Based on the popular, year-long LEAD 365 program designed by Rodger Price, LEAD365 SELECT™ offers similar content and a carefully-integrated experience in shorter, more focused sessions. Present and future leaders gather together once a month for half-day group sessions to engage around a particular leadership topic. Between group sessions, individuals complete practical application homework and individual coaching for deeper understanding and accountability. LEAD365 SELECT™ nurtures noticeable leadership growth and transformation.


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Select from six different leadership packages. Choose those most beneficial to you and your team as you seek to overcome obstacles and strengthen leadership skill sets. (See below for a complete list of packages).

Contact DISHER at info@disher.com to discuss the packages that you and your team are interested in. Based on your needs and the challenges you are facing, DISHER will make specific recommendations.

Sessions can be held at DISHER headquarters in Zeeland or at a venue near you. Each package consists of 4 – 7 sessions held once a month for 3 hours. Class size is limited to 8 – 12 participants from the same or different companies.

Participants meet monthly to learn from a seasoned leadership coach. Individual monthly assignments are built-in to increase understanding and engagement. Participants receive 90 minutes of personal coaching each month to stimulate growth.