Creating and Vetting

the Best Ideas

The future of your business depends on your products staying relevant in the marketplace. DISHER partners with customers from a variety of industries to create and vet the best ideas. Meaningful, marketable, and makeable ideas. Our cross-functional team continues to optimize the process of product development and accelerate innovation.

We create and vet the best ideas through the filters of: User Desirability, Commercial Viability, Production Feasibility.

Product Potential Diagram

The Discovery Process

DISHER gathers and acts on feedback throughout the discovery process to achieve the best innovative solutions for customers and end users.

Discovery Process


Until a problem is fully understood, the best solution can’t be developed. User-centered research defines the problems, possibilities, personas, and paths to take.


After a problem is defined and researched, possible solutions are inspired, explored, and vetted by a cross-functional team.

Industrial Design

Our design team is dedicated to understanding and developing the aesthetics, functionality, and manufacturability of the best product ideas.


To quickly envision ideas, DISHER can create simple prototypes to works-like prototypes that integrate the mechanics, electronics, lighting, software, and material selection.

What others have said...

Bloem contracted DISHER to facilitate an Innovation Workshop with the intent of pulling creativity out of our team. Each participant came away with a broader perspective and the benefit of knowing that their contributions made a real change within our organization. Getting my team engaged at this level was something unique and valuable. From our planning sessions to the implementation of the actual concepts, DISHER led the way with confidence and clarity.

Ryan Mast - President - Bloem

Disher’s talented team helped us to synthesize what we learned in research, brainstorm possible solutions, and ultimately execute on developing the right product solution for our customers

Joel Van Wyk - Director of Product Development and Product Management, Healthcare and Higher Education - Herman Miller

OMT-Veyhl had an enlightening experience working with DISHER in our Innovation Workshop to explore possible solutions for the future. It was highly productive and inspirational to have a broad range of talent and expertise from DISHER’s team with our team to rapidly generate, investigate, and define ideas. We would highly recommend this service to support creative development.

Kevin Dewald - Director of Innovation & Development

DISHER is truly the #1 product development company in Michigan.

John Hopkins - President - Jackson Inventors Network

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