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The DISHER team loves to lead innovation and product development. We partner with our customers from a variety of industries to create and vet the best ideas. Meaningful, marketable, and makeable ideas. Our cross-functional team of experts provides user-centered research, ideation, industrial design, and prototyping in a highly-collaborative way.

The Discovery Process

DISHER continually gathers and acts on feedback throughout the discovery process to achieve the best innovative solutions for our customers and end users.


Until the problem is fully understood, the best solution can’t be developed. User-centered research defines the problem, the personas, and the research paths that should be taken. DISHER conducts investigative benchmarking and primary and secondary research that empowers organizations to make confident decisions and head in a unified direction.

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After the problem is defined and researched, possible solutions are inspired, explored, and vetted by a cross-functional team. DISHER facilitates unique brainstorming events with subject matter experts and creative leads to generate, compare, and rank hundreds of innovative ideas.

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Industrial Design

After the top ideas are vetted and selected, the design process continues. There is much to consider to realize an optimal outcome including: form, function, usability, ergonomics, manufacturability, brand development, sustainability, and more.

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Once the conceptual design is determined, our design and engineering team works on prototype development. DISHER has the skills and facilities to create simple prototypes or fully-functioning works-like prototypes that integrate mechanics, electronics, lighting, software, and material selection.

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Case Studies

DISHER has partnered with a variety of customers in multiple industries to create and vet the best ideas for the future. Take a look at a few of our stories.

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Do you want to make the front-end of innovation less fuzzy? DISHER uses a structured approach to product development to achieve tangible results.