Our Discovery team is a unique blend of industrial design, conceptual engineering and product marketing. We incorporate an Advanced Development Process that begins even before the napkin sketch and brings a product towards launch. Together with our clients we determine the (consumer) desirability, (technical) feasibility and (business) viability of new and existing products. Throughout the Discovery process, we develop a wide variety of visual communication to envision the product’s possibilities and market impact while also informing the engineering and production process.

Discovery Process

To get things started we offer a free ideation session that we call Whiteboard Wednesday®. If anyone has an idea or a problem or just wants a fresh start on something, we’ll give them an hour (or more) of our team’s time to come up with ideas to help them move forward.


Areas of Discovery

Market Research

Market Research
Human Factors

Industrial Design

Visual Communication
Aesthetic Considerations
Conceptual Engineering
Model Making

Market Impact

Product Marketing
Brand Identity
Packaging Design