Industrial Design

Successful products look good and work well. They blend the beauty of the world with the reality of needing to do something. They also commune with their users as an extension of who they are, not just something they use or own. Our industrial design process enables the art of invention to integrate with the science of innovation. We begin by understanding the consumer insights as well as the company strategy. We conduct interactive ideation sessions to draw out dozens if not hundreds of ideas that may solve the consumer’s problem. The ideas then become sketches, refined renderings, initial CAD drawings, and eventually a 3-D model to see and feel a tangible version of a breakthrough idea.  We can also observe potential users experiencing the prototype to make sure it satisfies their true desires.


Visual Communication  •  Aesthetic Consideration  •  Conceptual Engineering  •  Model Making


Throughout this process we create the Visual Communication sketches, renderings, graphic designs, info graphics, story boards, animations and more to communicate with various internal audiences.


We always focus on the Aesthetic Consideration of the materials, colors, shapes and textures that will create emotions and connections for users of a product.


To function well, we bring in Conceptual Engineering to explore the physical realities of how the product will be engineered and built so it can function, move, bend, pivot and whatever else is needed to provide a seamless intuitive experience for the user.


Model Making enables the ideas to come to life with tangible, physical examples. The model making could be foam core prototype for the internal team, a show chair for NEOCON, 12 miniature versions of a new door type, an oversized scale model for an international toy show or retrofitting an actual vehicle with fully functioning electrical components for a technical industry show.