DISHER Culture Tours

“A healthy culture will not only boost your bottom-line performance but will make a positive impact with your customers, company, and community.” – Jeff Disher

Building a Culture by Design

DISHER is passionate about Making a Positive Difference®. In fact, it’s the reason we exist. We’d love to live out our mission with you by sharing ideas on how to build a culture with intentionality. Be our guest for a complimentary 1.5-hour tour that focuses on the Why, Way, What, and Who of culture and how that drives financial performance.

The tours are held on the first Wednesday and third Friday of every month.

We have two types of tours to choose from, Public and Private. With a Public Tour you (and any additional members of your team) will be grouped with other organizations for the tour. In a Private Tour you and your team members will comprise the group for the tour. You will need at least 4 people from your organization for a Private Tour. Please indicate which type of tour you’re interested in by selecting it in the form below.

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