Our Engineering and Design team develops innovative solutions to complex product/system problems and determines the best way to engineer, manufacture and launch them. The team utilizes the latest engineering practices and technology to ensure the functionality, durability and reliability so that a product not only looks good but works well – time after time after time.

Their focus is to engineer robust products that are aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, able to be manufactured and profitable.  They also conduct VA/VE and implement continuous process improvements to achieve substantial cost savings and accelerate the product launch cycle.

The patent-laden team includes thought leaders and expertise from a wide variety of industries covering all aspects of the product including embedded software, electronics, lighting, FEA, validation, prototyping, tooling and more. All told, the 160+ person team has over 2,000 years of experience to pull from on any given project. They also have skills and training with dozens of development tools and methods such as Abaqus, SolidWorks, Pro/E, CAN and Six Sigma Black Belt.

Mechanical Design

Our degreed mechanical engineers utilize a variety of software solutions to create engineering designs and specifications for new products representing a variety of industries

Electronics Engineering

DISHER Electronics is a fully-integrated design and development team packed with experience, innovative thinking, and collaborative style

Finite Element Analysis

We utilize our extensive product design and analysis experience, coupled with Abaqus® software, to validate and optimize your designs.

Lighting Design

DISHER’s lighting engineers are experienced in the product design and development of lighting solutions involving a variety of light sources and materials

What's New in Engineering

Designing at the Seams

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You Make It— I Break It

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