Customers trust DISHER Engineering to help design and engineer innovative solutions from concept to launch and everything in between. Our engineering team of over 100-degreed technical specialists save our customer’s time, money, and headaches. Each project receives a unique fusion of DISHER skillsets, cross-functional knowledge, and cross-industry experience to provide market-leading outcomes. Ready for DISHER Engineering to help?

Product Development

DISHER is passionate about a collaborative, design-thinking process where constant feedback is built-in to create remarkable solutions centered around the user. We know how to optimize the intersection between great design and manufacturability.

  • Design Expertise: Design is a sweet spot at DISHER. Combining years of industry experience with software tools like CAD, CATIA, Pro-E/Creo, NX, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD, we turn ideas into realities.
  • Product Requirements: We focus on meeting both functional and nonfunctional product requirements such as cost, performance, recyclability, manufacturability, durability, sustainability, and usability.
  • Product Validation: DISHER conducts product analysis and testing to verify that the product design meets the requirements before it is manufactured.

Machine Design and Automation

Talent shortages and skills gaps, combined with the need for increased output, is a daily struggle for many manufacturers. DISHER comes alongside to help meet growing demands with machine, automation, and workforce solutions to help organizations reach objectives.

  • Machine Design – New, Refurbish, or Retrofit: DISHER takes the frustration out of machine design with a unified approach from start to finish. Our simple and complex designs are tailored to integrate perfectly with existing equipment and process requirements.
  • High-Speed Automation: DISHER bridges the gaps in talent or skills through automation engineering solutions. Our expertise includes mechanical and controls design, PLC, HMI, robot, panel layout, sensing, and SCADA.
  • Part Fixtures & Tooling: Whether it is a simple sub-assembly tool or a complex robotic fixture for high-volume precision parts, DISHER develops robust fixtures and tools for a variety of industries to produce quality outcomes.
  • Robotics Integration: We would love to become a trusted advisor with helpful solutions like productivity assessments, robotics machine design and development, instruction in automation and controls, hands-on training, advance manufacturing, and cell optimization.

Engineering Analysis

DISHER uses a range of analysis techniques to test, measure, and refine designs and prototypes. We break down problems into the mechanisms of operation or failure to get to the root causes and relationships eliminating costly delays later in the process. We help our customers make sound decisions through clear, understandable reporting—turning complex data into useful information.

  •  Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Our analysts validate and optimize designs prior to prototyping and production. Software, simulations, and studies enable our team to predict how products will bend, break, or perform in various situations increasing speed to market. Learn more.
  • Motion Capture: To ensure each end-to-end solution is as efficient as possible, DISHER uses motion-capture software to evaluate product designs for user accessibility, interface, and other engineering applications.

Lighting and Optical Design

Whether you need to refurbish, retrofit, or create an entirely new lighting system, DISHER is ready to work with you on an innovative solution that will exceed expectations.

  • Optical Design: DISHER specializes in illumination design and luminance simulation. We follow a proven seven-step process which provides accurate results with a minimal upfront investment.
  • Lighting Simulation & Analysis: Our powerful light simulation tools and in-house Light Lab streamlines the development of world-class lighting solutions. We correlate actual light measurements to their simulated values. True-to-life mock-ups guide decision making throughout the design process.

Program Management

The proper oversight and coordination of related engineering projects in a knowledgeable, skilled way reaps significant outcomes for our clients. DISHER Program Managers are highly trusted to ensure the desired goals of our client’s program are met or exceeded.

  • Scope Definition, Alignment, & Change Management
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Resource Planning
  • Timeline Management
  • Budget Management
  • Communication Leadership

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