Partnership Levels

There is a spectrum of levels that DISHER engages in with its clients. It all depends on the integration needs (and probably the budget) of the project.

Specialty Consulting

Some projects only require us to provide Specialty Consulting for a specific, finite service like an FEA or lighting lab assessment.


Project Services 

Most projects need us to complete a variety of tasks over a period of weeks or months, such as market research, industrial design, engineering a new product, hiring for one position or conducting a lean manufacturing review.


Program Leadership 

Often times, a series of projects become a program that requires leadership over a variety of interrelated functions within the product development process such as laying out and equipping a new plant, updating the engineering of all products in a product line, or providing talent solutions and training for 20 new engineers in the next 3 months.


Advanced Development 

In some situations, our clients need us to take full responsibility – and accountability – for the advanced development process from beginning to end. That may mean taking over a program that has stalled and needs a new leadership process to ensure the program is completed by launch date. 


No matter the partnership level, we are ready to partner with you!