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Relationships are the center of what we do. We foster and nurture company and candidate relationships to ultimately connect the right person and position. The goal is obvious to us; provide qualified people with meaningful jobs in vibrant organizations. That’s what we do every day. And we really love what we do.

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People want to enjoy going to work and be proud of where they work. They want to work with a company that has a good reputation. And, they want to recruit their friends and family to work with them. That is the power of a Talent Brand.

As you read that you probably think of companies that do this well and also some that don’t. We help companies recognize, embrace and improve their Talent Brand.

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DISHER really does have an understanding of our Talent Brand and of our Culture, which is really important to us.
– Amber Wendling,
Herman Miller



As we all know, a company is only as good as its people. And, the only sure way to achieve its goals is by attracting and retaining the right talent for the job. We work with candidates to understand their career goals, match them with the right company and position, and build lasting relationships.

(We leverage our extensive database and broad company connections to find potential positions. We dig deep and strive to do our best to get a perfect fit for the candidate and the company.)

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The Talent Engineer made me feel like I was the only person in the world that could do this job.
– Russ Miller, GHSP



Companies get exhausted trying to curb their turnover and fill their open positions. They either don’t have the time, the right process, or the support needed to properly find and secure qualified candidates.

They struggle to provide a good experience to create a good first impression to candidates during the recruiting process. They desperately need a cost effective approach that has measurable results. We understand the problem and have modeled our services to be the solution.

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Partnership, lots of companies use the buzz word but DISHER exemplifies it. Having worked closely with DISHER for almost 8 years, I’ve seen it’s at the core of what they do.
– Geoff Twietmeyer, Fisen



We have a team of culturally passionate and professional matchmakers who strive to leave the world better than we found it and make a positive difference with our companies, candidates and communities.

Sure, we are well trained, have lots of experience and are supported by sophisticated systems and processes, but what matters most is we just really love what we do.

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With the Talent Engineer that recruited me, there was a great connection, a great relationship, I consider them a good friend even today.
– Tim Schnobel, GHSP