Whiteboard & Innovation Events

Join us for a customized and collaborative ideation session led by certified facilitators to solve your unique challenges.

Brainstorm unique ideas

Think creatively & collaboratively

Make confident decisions

Unify your team in a clear direction

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Whiteboard Events at DISHER

Struggling with a technical challenge? Need an innovation boost? DISHER can help with customized, collaborative, ideation sessions that solve unique challenges. Since 2003, DISHER has hosted hundreds of Whiteboard Events with great success for organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries.

Free 1-Hour Whiteboard Workshop

Feeling stuck on a problem? We offer a free 1-hour whiteboard workshop for first time customers. This workshop can help you and your team get a fresh perspective on an idea or problem.

Each one-hour brainstorming session comes with a certified DISHER facilitator and two or three Subject Matter Experts.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • DISHER Staff: 1 facilitator, 2-3 DISHER team members
  • Participants: 1 - 10 people
  • Location: DISHER in Zeeland
  • Cost: Free for first-time customers

Innovation Workshops

Tackle more complex challenges with an Innovation Workshop. Together, we ideate and vet user desirability, production feasibility, and commercial viability of new and existing products and features. The top concepts are developed and ranked and then playbooks are generated for actionable next steps.

  • Duration: 1/2 day to 3 days
  • DISHER Staff: Curated team of facilitators, creative leads, and subject matter experts
  • Participants: 6 - 20 people (or more)
  • Location: DISHER or customer location
  • Cost: Varies based on length, quantity of people, and location

Floor-to-ceiling whiteboards

A unique space has been dedicated entirely to our whiteboard and innovation events at our office. We are also equipped to bring a Whiteboard event to your location.

Our Proven Process

DISHER uses a proven process for every event with built-in boosters and boundaries for optimal ideation generation.

Innovation Workshop Process Infographic

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  • Provide a curated team of facilitators, creative leads, and subject matter experts